English Language Arts


    The study of English Language Arts in the Pittsford Central School District cultivates literate citizens who think critically, write clearly, communicate effectively, and read with understanding and appreciation.                                       

    As a result of participating in the PCSD English Language Arts program, through reading, writing, speaking, and listening, graduates will effectively and independently …

    • comprehend a range of texts and media;
    • communicate ideas while responding to varying demands;
    • generate questions and seek answers through critical analysis of text and media;
    • seek understanding of themselves and others;
    • embrace lifelong learning and reading for enjoyment;
    • develop a critical eye and appreciation for the written word.
  • Welcome to Sutherland English 

    For us, reading and writing do not merely comprise the tasks of our chosen profession; they are endeavors of passion. They are the foundation upon which we have built a lifetime in the pursuit of knowledge and understanding. We strive to consistently convey this passion to our students and in this way, contribute to society, of course, but more importantly—humanity.

    The Department—Who are we, what do we teach, what do we do?
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    Matt Davidson
    is the department chair and teaches English 
    11R and AP Language and Composition. Mr. Davidson's webpage

    Evvy Fanning teaches AP Literature and Composition, English 10R, and English 11R. Ms. Fanning's webpage

    Monica Gebell
    teaches English 9H, 9R, Humanities, Theater Arts, and Contemporary English. She is also the adviser for The Diversity Club. Ms. Gebell's webpage

    Nicki Hastings
    teaches English 9H, English 10R,
     and Public Speaking. Mrs. Hasting's webpage
    Amanda Marshall teaches Mass Media, 9R, and 10H. She also advises Sutherland's newspaper, The Lance. Mrs. Marshall's webpage

    Victor Northrup 
    teaches English 10R, 11R,
     11H, and Public Speaking. He is the adviser for the Chess Club. Mr. Northrup's webpage

    Marni Rabinowitz
    teaches English 9R, 9H,
    11R, and 11H

    Brian Shafer
    Film as Literature, English 11R, Survey of British Literature Honors, and 9R. He advises the Film Club and co-advises Pegasus Literary Magazine. Mr. Shafer's webpage

    George Steele
    teaches Studies in Modern Literature, 
    English 10R, 10H, and Creative Writing. Mr. Steele's webpage 

    Summer Reading

    Consistent reading is a key factor in learning in all areas of study, not just English. Furthermore, studies suggest that when we take even two or three months off from reading, our comprehension and analytical skills begin to atrophy. For these reasons, and countless others, we encourage you to engage in active reading over the summer. Reading at least two high quality books over the summer will help to keep your thinking skills sharp and can lea to a more successul transition into the new school year. We do not have any particular titles that we recommend, encourage you to expand your interests a bit when looking for new titles.




    Program of Studies






    English 9 Honors

    English 9


    English 10 Honors

    English 10


    English 11 Honors


    AP Language and Composition

    English 11


    English 12 Honors: Survey of British Literature


    AP Literature and Composition

    Various Electives


    Ninth graders may register for one unit (one full-year course) of English per academic year.

    Tenth graders may register for one and a half units of English per academic year.


    Eleventh and twelfth graders may register for two units of English per academic year.


    Students in grade 10 may select from the following electives to take in addition to their full-year English classes:

    Creative Writing

    Theater Arts

    Public Speaking


    Students in grade 11 may select from the following electives to take in addition to their full-year English classes:

    Creative Writing

    Theater Arts

    Mass Media and Society

    Public Speaking



    Full Year Courses

    AP Literature and Composition

    English 12 Honors: Survey of British Literature Honors


    Single Semester Courses

    Students may also select from among the electives listed below. As each is a single-semester course, a student must take two to fulfill his or her senior English requirement. Students may take more than two, but should be enrolled in an English class during both semesters of their senior year.


    Public Speaking

    Contemporary English

    Theater Arts

    Studies in Modern Literature

    Film as Literature

    Creative Writing

    Mass Media and Society



    All students must pass the New York State Regents exam in English Language Arts (Common Core). The three-hour exam is administered at the end of the eleventh grade year. It contains twenty-four multiple-choice questions on readings, one source-based argumentative essay, and a shorter text analysis.



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