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    Degrees and Certifications:

    B.A. and Masters from Nazareth College

    Study abroad -
    University of Valencia , Spain
    University of Urbino, Italy

    Phone: home 387-9682 cell 729-5210

    Email: teresita_guillemin@pittsford.monroe.edu

Files for Work at Home

  •  Bienvenidos / Welcome 

             I look forward to getting to know you and working with each of you this year!  Your homework this year will be to spend ten minutes each night reviewing your vocabulary with  your Quizlet account that you will set up. You will look for the unit being studied and click on that unit and a variety of resources will be shown that you can use to learn and review your vocabulary.
            Vocabulary acquisition is very important in the study of a language!  You cannot retain vocabulary when you try to cram the night before! Your goal is to be able to communicate about yourself and others,  where you live,  the weather and seasons, what you like to do, things you like and dislike, what school is like, what you like to eat and drink, what you like to do during the seasons of the year,and as you finish eighth grade Spanish you will be able to communicate in more depth on these topics as well as other topics such as travel, health, your community, your home, what you do on a daily basis, where you like to go with your friends and so much more!

Class Materials for Spanish 6 and Spanish 8

  • Materials for class:

    • One folder with pockets to keep handouts and lined paper for notes. You may also use a section in a binder you already have and use it for Spanish .
    • One dry erase marker.