• Here are a few pictures I have been taking with my daughter, Lydia (2 years old) in poses and costumes to match some of my favorite paintings. If you look up the Getty Museum or @Tussenkunstenquarantain on instagram, you can see examples of this fun quarantine activity from around the world. It has been one of my favorite trending activities to do while home. Find your favorite painting, and gather everyday objects around your house to create the portrait. If you try this, please send me your pictures!

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Mrs. Brown

From now on, I will be adding project details for each grade level on the grade level page. The link is to the left.




Please refer to the PCSD Art Department website for other great art resources and activities!

I would like to encourage students to take some time away from your screens and create. I will put a few ideas here for you. I find that creating gives me a sense of calm that not much else can. I would encourage you to try disconnecting from the news, your screens, and try making music, write a story, or of course, create visual art. I know that I will be working hard during this time on my own artwork and will update you on that. Here are some great ideas for those of you who are interested. This work will not be collected or graded, but I would absolutely LOVE to see what you have created while home if you decide to spend some of it creating.

Draw a still life. Set up a grouping of objects from your bedroom that remind you of your childhood. Draw the set-up in contour line first and add value (shading) or color to your piece. I encourage you to work on a piece like this multiple days, as we would in the classroom. Take your time, make adjustments and fine tune until it looks right. Invite your parent in to critique your work, have a conversation about what was easy and what was difficult. Remember, drawing from life is all about observation, so make sure you are looking at the objects and then translating them on to the paper.

Youtube Tutorials. There are many talented artists willing to share the way that they create on this platform. Search for whatever it is you want to draw, "How to draw a horse" and try the first few videos that pop up. The more you draw one object or animal in multiple ways, the more you will remember the skills and you can begin adding your own flair and touch to these drawings. If you like a certain style like Manga or Anime, this is a great way to learn how to draw people. Maybe draw your whole family in one of these styles.

Visit a Virtual Museum. There are so many museums with virtual tours. Many of these museums are quite crowded on a regular day, so this might be the best way to see some of them. Here are a few great resources for virtual art museum visits.

British Museum, London virtual tour.

National Gallery of Art, Washington, D.C. two online exhibits through Google.

Musée d’Orsay, Paris virtually walk through this popular gallery.

National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, Seoul virtual tour

Pergamon Museum, Berlin Virtual Tour.

Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam Street View tour

Van Gogh Museum, Amsterdam Virtual Tour

The J. Paul Getty Museum, Los Angeles Virtual Tour

Uffizi Gallery, Florence Virtual Tour (A favorite of mine since I studied abroad in Florence and spent many hours at the Uffizi)


Work on a Drawing Challenge! There are so many different drawing challenges circulating right now similar to Inktober for people who are at home. Search "Drawing Challenge" and find one that best suits you! You also could work on a drawing a day through the Inktober challenge if you didn't do it in October. I love the challenge of being forced to think of a way to portray a certain word or idea and when I did the Inktober challenge earlier this year, I came up with some really great ideas through those prompts that I have used as an artist in my own work.

Create a sculpture.

Learn how to weave or knit!

Draw a bunch of birthday cards to have ready for the rest of the year.

Create some cheery cards to mail to a local nursing home, or to put in an elderly neighbor's mailbox.

Create an animation on your phone using Toontastic (app).

Print a few coloring sheets (coloring can be very mindful and relaxing)

Team up with another friend who enjoys art and text each other pictures of what you are working on, or Facetime each other to share your creations. It's important to stay social even if we can't be together. Sharing in creativity is a great idea!

Gather small items from your yard and draw them in detail, actual size. Try to capture all of the tiny details.

Use old newspaper and create a bouquet of sculpture flowers using glue or tape.

If you have cardboard, create a sculpture of a piece of outdated technology (ie. rotary phone, old camera, boom box, etc)