Degrees and Certifications:

Mrs. Katrina Devlin


I have been working in the SHS community since 2012 and, with much enthusiasm, I teach Regents Biology, Honors Biology, A.P. Biology, and Anatomy & Physiology. 

Contact Info:


(585) 267 - 3129

Course Resources:

2020 - 2021 Honors Biology Course Information Sheet

2020 - 2021 AP Biology Course Information Sheet

All other course resources will be in our OneNote Class Notebook that is linked to Microsoft Teams. If you are a parent/guardian and want to see these resources, please have your child log in and show you.


About Me:

I am passionate about helping students grow and get excited about science. My students go beyond mere fact memorization and learn biological concepts by using the investigative skills and technologies of real scientists. Our work is driven by PCSD's overall mission and vision, PCSD's science mission, and the New York State Science Standards. 

I came to my love of teaching by being a scientist first. I attained my bachelor's degree in science (with a second major in studio Art) from Allegheny College in 2004 (magna cum laude). I then receive my Master's in Limnology and Marine Science from the University of Wisconsin-Madison in 2008 (magna cum laude). From 2004 - 2012, I worked on many ecology research projects, and some education research projects as well. I also pursued teaching by mentoring individual undergraduate students and teaching college science classes at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, Nazareth College, and MCC.

Through all of these experiences, I came to realize that I wanted to primarily use my creativity, education, and intellect to pursue the art and science of teaching rather than ecological research. Through Nazareth College's ACCESS program, I received excellent training that led to my NYS teaching certifications in 2011.

The world of college and career demands that our students do more than just memorize and recite; they also need have Next Generation Skills. Therefore, I remain deeply committed to continuous growth and improvement as a teacher and participate fully in many professional learning experiences on inquiry and project-based learning. I also contribute heavily to the collaborative development of PCSD's curriculum and assessments. I see the positive impact of this professional development and collaboration when our students are learning biology by growing as creative, curious problem-solvers