• Welcome to Orchestra!

    It is such a pleasure to have you join our rich orchestra tradition in Pittsford.  Get ready for a life changing experience that takes a special combination of physical coordination and mental concentration.  The opportunities for your individual expression will be limitless while engaging in the “total team” experience of creating beautiful music together.  Please note that our beginning elementary orchestra program in Pittsford carries a non-competitive philosophy:

    “Orchestra is teamwork with energy,

    the acceptance of all talents and

    the refinement of our musical skills.”

    I am delighted to be the beginning string teacher for our five elementary schools.

    Here is my weekly schedule:

    Monday = Mendon Center

    Tuesday mornings = Mendon Center


    Tuesday = Thornell Road

    Wednesday = Park Road

    Thursday = Jefferson Road

    Friday = Allen Creek

    Please e-mail, if there are any questions regarding our fine beginning string program.


    Mrs. Grace, orchestra director