Participation and Public Comment at Board Meetings

  • The Board of Education welcomes the residents of our school community to feel comfortable in sharing matters of interest or concern about the Pittsford Central School District.

    The process for participation at the Board of Education meeting is as follows: If you have a question or a statement to make to the Board of Education, we ask that you fill out an index card, available at the sign-in table, and hand it to the School District Clerk. The Board president will recognize those who wish to speak during the Public Comment sections of the agenda. We ask that you raise your hand in order to be recognized and then identify yourself with your name and address.

    If you are unable to attend in person, you may send an email to the District Clerk at by noon on meeting day that includes the following information: name, address, question/comment, and the email subject line “Public Comment.”

    As part of the Board of Education’s ongoing meeting practices, the following standards of behavior and processes are in place:

    • Presenters and Public Comment speakers should behave in a civil, respectful manner and be mindful that we routinely have students attending these meetings as part of their course work. This includes emailed questions/comments.

    • Comments should be in reference to an interest or topic, not an individual.

    • Each speaker will have the floor for no more than three minutes in order to be respectful of those in the audience and others who may be waiting to comment. The Board President reserves the right to limit the total amount of speaking time.

    • In an effort to avoid repetitiveness, if speakers are attending with other residents with similar input, we ask that the group designate one person to address the Board as a group.

    • When you are called on to speak, please clearly state your name and address first.

    For speakers who do not follow meeting and decorum protocols, their privilege to use the floor will no longer be recognized by the Board of Education. For email messages that do not follow decorum protocols, they will not be shared during the Board of Education meeting.

    Those items brought to the attention of the Board during Public Comment may be taken under consideration for future response or action.