BRMS at McQuaid
  • Team Expectations:
    1. Have a positive attitude 2
    . Respect

    ● Teammates ● Yourself

    3. Attend daily practices
    4. Give your best effort every day!

  • Equipment:

    Good running shoes
    Shorts, Shirts, Sweatpants, sweatshirt, hats and gloves (for later in the season) Water bottle
    Uniforms will be provided-to be returned at the end of the season.

    Cross Country Meets

    Most of our meets are on Tuesday afternoons
    The meets take place in various parks around Monroe County Mendon Ponds is our home course
    We take part in 3 invitationals on a Saturday

    McQuaid- September 28, 2019-Genesee Valley Park Webster-3rd Saturday in October
    County Championship-last Saturday in October

    Parents and families are encouraged to spectate.
    This year, team members will be required to ride the bus to the meet and back to BRMS.

BRMS Modified XC

  • Cross Country running is both a team sport and an individual sport!

    Cross Country running teaches:
    How to set goals
    The benefits of Hard work
    That a positive attitude will serve you best
    How to accept your limitations, all while striving to do your best The importance of unconditional support for teammates

    How to pace yourself

  • We practice every day!

    Students generally attend after school sports study hall from 2:30-3:20.
    Practice starts at 3:30 and goes ‘til 5:00 every school day.
    Athletes should plan to attend practice every day
    because this is the best way to improve. XC running as an endurance sport; daily practice helps muscles adapt to the stresses and avoid injury.
    Parents can pick up their students in the front of the school at 5:00PM.

    A typical practice includes:

    A warm up- dynamic stretching
    Conditioning- upper body, core strength, yoga
    Running- intervals, time trials, speed play, distance runs, relays, hill workouts Cool down-static stretching