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  • Attention: All 2020 NYSSMA All-States have been canceled. All 2021 MCSMA Solo Festivals and All-County Festivals have been cancelled.

    Welcome to 6th and 8th Grade Orchestra!

    Orchestra Rehearsal

    What should I be practicing?

    Scales, Essential Elements, Suzuki Book, Orchestra Music, Improvisation/Composing

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  • Check out these string specialty stores for quality instruments and knowledgeable staff!

    Stringed Instrument Services (violin, viola, cello, and bass rentals)
    52 North Main St.
    Fairport, NY 14450

     Sullivan Violins (violin, viola, and cello rentals) *NEW LOCATION!*
    3300 Monroe Ave
    Pittsford, NY 14534

    The String House (violin, viola, and cello rentals)
    1531 Monroe Ave
    Rochester, NY 14618

  • In addition to an instrument, you will need:

    Shoulder Rest: For violin and viola students.  I recommend the Kun or the Everest shoulder rests.  You can purchase them at almost any music store that rents or sells string instruments.  They come in a variety of sizes to fit your instrument.  If you have a 3/4 violin, go ahead a purchase a full size shoulder rest.  They are adjustable to a certain degree.

    Rock Stop: For cello and bass students.  These will keep your end pin from sliding across the floor--especially if you practice on a non-carpeted floor.

    Rosin: Please make sure you always have rosin in your case.  I also recommend that you put your name on it just in case you leave it in the orchestra room.

    Music Stand This will keep your music at the proper height as you practice at home.  You want your music to be at eye level and easy to see without bending your body or slouching.

    Tuner/Tuning App: Check out Miss Plato's website for recommendations!

    Spare Strings: When a string breaks, it's always good to have a spare so your teacher can replace it right away.

    Metronome: This a practice tool that will keep the beat for you as you practice.  Improve your rhythm and pulse!

    Dust Cloth: Clean the rosin from your strings and instrument when finished playing.

    Essential Elements 2000 Book 1 (some of you may have Book 2): We will use this book during your school lessons.

    Instrument Tag: Please make sure your name is on your instrument case!