•            Welcome to Yellow Science 7  2020-2021!

    There are so many changes and new things happening! I am thrilled to be new to the yellow team, yet this will be my 22nd year in the district. The science curriculum is new. The hybrid model of learning is new. I will encourage and support each student through all these changes.

    Things I love:  family, dogs, hiking, camping, traveling, National Parks, mountains, skiing.

    Education:  Binghamton University BA Environmental Studies and Geology, U of Buffalo Ed.M. Science Education

    Taught:  Earth Science Regents & Physics 8 at CRMS

    Curriculum Grade 7:  Matter, Density, Chemical vs Physical Changes, Mineral & Rock Formation, Energy Sources, Waves, Electromagnetic Spectrum, Light, Sound, States of Matter and Thermal Energy Transfer, Phase Change, Water Cycle, Ecosystems 



Castle Learning

District Essential Understanding:

  • "The study of science creates a sense of wonder which leads to curiosity driven thinking and problem solving skills which are relevant to every aspect of our lives." PCSD Science