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     16th March 2020

    Parents & Students of Mrs. Rasmussen

    We are truly in unprecedented times. I have been a member of the Pittsford community since birth and never experienced something like this as a student or as a teacher. Since for the time being we will not be seeing each other, I have and will continue to use Office 365 and Remind101 as a resource for you. I plan to upload materials throughout our quarantine and I encourage you to fill out the notes, watch relevant videos, and practice any CRQ/SEQ type questions so you can keep up with history. I plan to message you via Remind101 every week (likely on Monday) to help pace your learning. In addition to keeping up with your academics, I hope you take this time off from ‘traditional’ schooling to find balance in your life. Read a book, draw a work of art, journal, and understand the fact that you are living through history right now. Furthermore, I want you to all stay well and adhere the guidelines from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). We should not be putting ourselves or other more vulnerable people at risk. Be smart, wash your hands, and distance yourself socially. At the same time, please keep in touch with one another and me! We need to look out for each other and be kind. I will miss you all so much and I hope to see you sometime in the future. Please reach out to me if you have any questions!


    17th Tuesday 2020-JUNIORS who have received a National Honor Society application letter at this point in time we will be postponing the National Honor Society application process. Once school resumes I will be able to provide further directions regarding the process. The application will no longer be due March 27th. Hope you are well! Stay safe.


    Global History and Geography:

    Please check Office 365-ONE DRIVE for materials!


    U.S. History:

    Please check Office 365-ONE DRIVE for materials!




    Sites to Check Regularly:

    • Mrs. Rasmussen’s Website

    • Office 365-ONE DRIVE

    • Remind101

    • Check your student Email!




    Remind 101 Joining Codes By Class:

    3rd Period Global

    • Send Text: 8101

    • Text Message: @ade2997

    4th Period US

    • Send Text: 81010

    • Text Message: @4thushisto

    6th Period US

    • Send Text: 81010

    • Text Message: @f32274

    8th Period Global

    • Send Text: 81010

    • Text Message: @7kg7ee

    9th Period US

    • Send Text: 81010

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