Operations, Maintenance & Security

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    Operations, Maintenance & Security

    The central maintenance department maintains 1,351,657 square feet of facilities at 11 buildings.   This department maintains 205 acres of property, approximately 50 athletic fields, two athletic stadiums, seven playgrounds at the elementary schools and multiple tennis courts. We maintain a highly trained staff, including specialized trade skills such as electrical, mechanical, plumbing, mechanics, painters and carpenters to assure that all structural and mechanical areas of the buildings are in good working condition.  
    All visitors to our schools are required to show photo identification, be issued an automatic expiring visitor badge. Visitors names are entered into a computer system for security.  We utilize proximity door card readers for staff access to all buildings. Our security staff continues to effectively monitor the security at our facilities.

    Jeffrey Beardsley
    Director of Operations, Maintenance & Security

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Key Contacts in Operations, Maintenance & Security

  • Name Position Location Phone Email
    Jeffrey Beardsley Director of Operations, Maintenance & Security Operations & Maintenance Facility 585.267.1090
    Dan Fursman Head of Maintenance Operations & Maintenance Facility 585.267.1050
    Mike Miceli Grounds Foreman Operations & Maintenance Facility 585.267.1049
    Joan Reynolds Assistant to Director of Operations, Maintenance & Security Operations & Maintenance Facility 585.267.1092
    Carol Schultz Head Custodian Allen Creek Elementary 585.267.1255
    Terri Mack Head Custodian Jefferson Road Elementary 585.267.1355
    Anne Douangphachanh Head Custodian Mendon Center Elementary 585.267.1245
    Gary Alloco Head Custodian Park Road Elementary 585.267.1555
    Doug Quartus Head Custodian Barker Road Middle School 585.267.1855
    Tom Steely Head Custodian Calkins Road Middle School 585.267.1955
    Mike Ventura Head Custodian Mendon High School 585.267.1655
    C.J. Knapp Head Custodian Sutherland High School 585.267.1155
    Richard Parkison Head Custodian Thornell Road Elementary 585.267.1755



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