• Where do MHS Students Attend College?

    Spring of junior year can bring an uptick in angst for students and families as they contemplate all the things to do around the college process. A school "lunch table" hot topic is centered around the colleges where students wish to apply. Frequently, colleges and universities with the lower application acceptance rates are interpreted by students as the " good" colleges. In fact, there is no compelling evidence to suggest that colleges with very low acceptance rates are better than schools with higher acceptance rates. A "good" college is dependent on the fit for the child well beyond an acceptance rate. College is a match to be made and not a prize to be won.

    See documents that outline 5 year historical data on:

    • what 4 year colleges our MHS students attend sorted by highest attending to lowest.
    • what 4 year colleges our MHS students attend sorted alphabetically.

    Centering the Data:While learning remains the central goal of MHS for all our students, here are things to consider when looking at the attached broad-brush stroke of college acceptance percentages of Mendon High School Students:

    •  When there is a social, academic, and cultural fit in a college, there is a place for everyone. Last year, most four year colleges did not meet their enrollment goals. Outside of the < 50% (admission rate) schools, there is great opportunity for a variety of students to find a college fit.
    • Based on the data, the reality is that most of our students are not attending the Tier I or even Tier II (college acceptance rate Tiers) colleges. This is good information for our students to hear during this anxious time of the college admission process.
    • Take into consideration the number of applications for a college where MHS students have applied over the years. Application numbers could be an indicator of the cultural fit between the MHS experience and the culture of a particular college.
    • If your student has performed very well in high school and may have a chance at being admitted to a Tier I college/university (typically a National Acceptance below 20%) - be mindful that schools in the Tier II category (Typically-National Acceptance above 20% and below 50%) of admissions may in fact provide more opportunities of learning for your student. Generally, a student at the top of their college cohort will typically have more opportunity for research, mentor-based work, and project-based learning or honors programs.

    For more detailed information on college historical data, please work with your child in Naviance and review the "Admissions" tab when looking at a particular college or university.

    4 year colleges where our MHS students are attending

    4 year colleges where our MHS students are attending (Alphabetical List)

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  • **College Information Virtual Program**

    This program includes 14 different virtual presentations to help students and families with the college planning process.  Presentation topics include Early College Planning, College Admissions, College Visits, College Essays, Financial Aid, Standardized Testing, the SUNY System, and even information for college success, developing career plans and more.

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