Mendon IST

  • Welcome to Mendon's IST page. Our goal is to ensure that all students learn in the most effective manner.  This group will be responsible for creating the best opportunities to meet the needs of students who may struggle at times during their learning experience.  Mendon's team has adopted the Response to Intervention Model (RTI) that will focus on supporting Tier I (in class teacher interventions) and if needed use some other Tier II (case management and plan development) interventions. 

    1. Refer a Student to IST
    2. What to expect after your referral 

    Please see any Instructional Support Team member with any questions.

    Team A-L:
    Administrator - Kelly Zielke; Team Leader - Anne-Marie Ark; Team Members: Katie Curtis, Eric Domroes, Keith Molinich, Tara Schneider, Bethany Patterson, Todd Warren
    Team M-Z:
    Administrator - Laura Hefner; Team Leader - Stacey Holliday; Team Members: Vince DiGiacomo, James Englerth, Paula Fink, Erin Khuns, Katie Phillips, Kristin O'Dell, Kyle Rumley, Julie Sidou