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    Work for Latin 2 and Latin Lit is found to the left under those respective classes.

    Latin 1 March 30 – April 3 asynchronous/ synchronous lesson plan

    Students,You are all missed!

    1.   MOST IMPORTANT - Students (only) e-mail me
    that you are receiving these e-mails.

    2.   Suggested work - translate pages 133, 134 and 137. E-mail me your translation for page 137 only. Either a picture or typed.

    3.   Watch videos to be posted Wed. on page 135 and 136.

    I will have open office hours Wed and Friday at 2PM via zoom (invites to come via

    I will have a Latin 1 only office hour on Thursday 8:30-9:30 via zoom invites to come
    via e-mail.

    Latin 2 - March 30 – April 3 asynchronous/ synchronous lesson plan

    Translate page 117, 118 and 122 – including the grammar at the bottom of the page and send to me via e-mail. Typed or a photo is fine. Send when completed.

    I will be posting and e-mailing video keys for page 119, 120 and 121 on Wed. I have set up a Microsoft Team called Latin 2. Work will also be posted on my website.

    There will be a zoom session for Latin 2 on 3/31 (tomorrow) at 8:30-9:30. I am holding open office hours 4/1 (Wed.) and 4/3 (Fri.) at 2PM. I hope you can attend at least one session so that you understand how zoom works.

    Latin 3 March 23-27 (Fill in pages 156,157,158,159,161,163)

    Booklet is on-line; if you have questions – email me, by Friday e-mail me page 163.

    Watch video on Julius Caesar 10 min.


    See Latin 3 page for More specific information.

      March 30 – April 3 asynchronous/ synchronous lesson plan

    Latin 1 March 23 – March 27 asynchronous lesson plan

    Translate pages 126, 131, 132.

    Practice the following quizlets (at least 40 min for this week) The quizlets will help with translating the above pages

    Midas and Golden Touch 12-19


    Unit V Personal Pronoun Review


    First Doctor 1-3


    First Doctor 4-6


    First Doctor 7-11







    Latin 3 - From 3/17- 3/20.

    Work 40 minutes on Quizlet reviewing any Martial Poems you wish.

    Work 40 minutes on Quia (any regents review)

    Translate Page 155 and send in your version - (Not graded but you will receive feedback).

    On Friday send an e-mail stating you have reviewed the required time on quizlet and quia.

    Latin 1 

    Translate 3 pages (123, 124, 125) and send your translations to me via email.

    Please send on or before Friday. You may send each page separately or as a group.

    These will not be graded but feedback will be provided.

    Latin 2, Latin Literature - No assigned work at this time - check back later in the week.

    Telephone: (585) 267-3177

    E-mail: lynn_smith@pittsford.monroe.edu


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