Capital Project Updates

  • Infrastructure Improvements 

    The 2012 Capital Project referendum is winding down. An extensive amount of work has been completed to date. Improvements to our facilities range greatly; from enhancing safety and air quality to work in bathrooms, classrooms, auditoriums, parking lots, lockers and much more.

    Construction at Allen Creek

    Construction at Jefferson Road

    Construction at Mendon Center
    Construction at Park Road  Construction at Thornell Road  Construction at Barker Road 
    Construction at Calkins Road  Construction at Mendon High School  Construction at Sutherland High School

    The District remains committed to the safety and security of its students despite the increased activities and outside activities of construction and related personnel.  The Construction Manager performs background checks, District issued ID badges specific to contractors are issued, and visiting contractors have real-time criminal background checks performed prior to commencing work and being issues a visitor badge. 




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