English 9 Special Class

  • UPDATE June 8, 2020

    We are closing in on the end of the year and the beginning of summer break. With that in mind, the focus for this week will be finding the right summer reading book. Use the PowerPoint linked here to help you make good choices for your 2 summer reading books. We will share our choices and suggestions during our Zoom sessions this week. 


    Update May 26, 2020

    I've been enjoying your Moth stories and I hope you enjoyed telling them. We are going to continue with the theme of story telling, but in a way that may be brand new to you. Please review the PowerPoint presentation for all the directions. You will first review some very short stories before you write your very own 6-word memoir. 


    UPDATE May 18. 2020

    This week's work requires students to interact with the work of a peer. Students will listen to a peer's Moth story and answer some reflection prompts. Furthermore, the will reflect on their own work. Students should use the PowerPoint to guide their work and plan to submit their work via email by Tuesday the 26th. 


    Students are preparing to submit their final Moth stories. They have three options for submitting their work:

    1) Record your story using Voice Memo or something similar and upload the file to the folder I shared on Office 365.

    2) Record your story using Flipgrid. I sent the Flipgrid info via Remind, but will also include it below. 


                       3rd Period English 9: flipgrid.com/cc11b261

                       7th Period English 9 SC: flipgrid.com/01012349

                       8th Period English 9: flipgrid.com/ba81ef3a


    3) Set up a time to tell stories in a small group Zoom meeting. You must organize your small group and set up a time with Mr. Lindstrom


    Update May 11, 2020- 9th Grade English

    This week is about practice, practice, practice. Early in the week you will have time to continue to polish your story and practice your presentation. By Thursday, you should know how you will be presenting your story. You have three options that are laid out in the PowerPoint Presentation. I'll be sending more information about how you will let me know in the next couple days. 


    Update May 4, 2020- 9th Grade English Special Class

    This week is about slowing down, polishing our work, and getting help if you need it. Mr. Lindstrom will be available for writing conferences all week. This Power Point presentation includes a weekly over-view and daily instructions. Use it to guide your work and explain your options.

    If you're falling behind, this is also a good week to play catch-up. Email or Remind message Mr. Lindstrom with questions. 


    UPDATE April 27, 2020

    Students should be submitting their "Moth" outlines by email Mr. Lindstrom and Mrs. Sauer later today.

    The work for this week will ask you to draft your actual story, receive some feedback, and revise your work. You will again submit your final work on Monday via email.

    For this week, students will again need two documents to get the work done:

    1) The PowerPoint presentation includes day by day instructions for all of the work. Read it carefully and then ask questions.

    2) The Revision Guide will help students work with a trusted reviewer to receive feedback on their work. 



    UPDATE April 20, 2020

    For this week, students will again need two documents to get the work done. 

    1) This PowerPoint presentation includes the directions and a suggested timeline for getting the work done. The finished work should be emailed to Mr. Lindstrom and Mrs. Sauer by Monday the 27th. 

    2) Students will read and annotate the "6 Rules for Great Storytelling".


    UPDATE APRIL 13, 2020:

    For this week, students will need two documents to get their work done. 

    1) This PowerPoint presentation has all the activities students need to complete this week and a suggested schedule to get it done. (The schedule is just a suggestion. It is fine if students need more time)


    2) The second document is an "Editing Guide" that will help students refine their work before emailing it to Mr. Lindstrom and Mrs. Sauer. 

    Also, Mrs. Sauer and I would like to meet the class over Zoom on Wednesday at 1pm. That will give us a chance to really re-connect and for students to ask questions about the work for this week. I will send more info on the Zoom on Wednesday morning. 



     Students should continue to read their Independent Reading book and working on their journal responses. Also, see the update below. 



    Update for English 9 S.C.:

    Do the following in order this week:

    1. View the PowerPoint about The Moth.

    2. Use the links provided in the PowerPoint to listen to the three stories.

    3. Select one or more of the pdf stories to read and do the following on your own paper:

        a. Annotate/identify/highlight the author’s theme. (For the purposes of THIS assignment, “theme” is considered the   story teller’s topic or motif.)

        b. Annotate/identify/highlight the author’s stakes. (What does the author stand to gain or lose? Why is what happens in the story important to the story teller?)

        c.  Annotate/identify/highlight what change happens in the story.


    The PowerPoint for background information about "The Moth" can be found here. MOTH background information


    The transcripts for "The Moth" assignments can be found here. MOTH sample stories transcripts