Classroom Expectations

  • Behavior Expectations:

    ONLY 1 RULE: Respect other students so that all students have a good learning environment.

    - If you do disrupt my class you will be warned verbally (STRIKE 1).
    - If the behavior still persists you will be moved (STRIKE 2). This is your second warning and the end of the road.
    - If you still cannot control yourself and disrupt my class again you will find yourself  serving detention - Hopefully that will not be the case for any of you but it has happened before. 3 strikes and you’re getting detention. Very simple.

    Academic Expectations:

    This is an honors class which means I will be expecting honors work. There will be
    written assignments, essays, class work, homework, graded homework, quizzes, tests and projects. Essays will be turned in using Homework will be on and the grade which you receive on the HW will go into the grade book. Tests and quizzes will be announced to give you adequate time to prepare. Remember this is an honors class and I will be expecting your BEST work.

    You Need To:
    1. Be on time for class and lab.
    2. Bring a writing utensil to class (pen/pencil/other)
    3. Bring a highlighter
    4. Bring 3x5 cards (Lined or Unlined)
    5. Have blank lined paper in your Biology three ring binder
    6. Be ready to learn.

    Home Work:

    Homework will be assigned and is due the following day.  Homework is a necessary reinforcement of what we learned in class. Homework is to be handed in the date and class that it is due. Half credit will be given for late assignments. No credit will be given to assignments handed in after 1 week of due date. Your home work is your responsibility and no one else's.

    Cell Phones:

    I know that cell phones have become very useful and convenient tools however cell phones are NOT to be seen or heard! If I see you using your cell phone in class (doesn’t matter the reason) I will ask you to put it away. The next time I see you using it I will take it for the day. If I catch you a 3rd time then your parents will have to come in and get your phone from me.

    Academic Honesty:

    Academic Honesty is a must. If you are caught committing academic dishonesty you will receive a 0% on the test or quiz. (Please refer to the student hand book on academic honesty for guide lines)


    -Based on a Total Points System-

    To find out your percentage on anything which is graded all you have to do is divide the top number by the bottom and multiply by 100.

    The top number is the Points Earned on that assignment, quiz, test, or lab.
    The bottom number is the Total Possible Points that could have earned on that assignment, quiz, test, or lab.

    Materials Needed for Class:
    1. 1 - 2'' 3 Ring Binder (science ONLY)
    2. 4 dividers
    3. Blank Lined Paper
    4. Writing Utensils
    5. Basic Calculator
    6. Highlighter
    7. Note cards

    ** Note - students and parents can log into infinite campus to check on grades or missing work.

    Infinite Campus Link