Preposition Song

  • Preposition Song

    by David R. Pellegrino

    (sung to the tune of Ode to Joy) 

    These are special prepositions that will take accusatives.

    abhinc - ago

    ad - to, towards, at

    ante - in front of, before

    apud - at the house of, among, at

    circum - around

    contra - against

    in - into

    inter - between, among

    intra - inside, within


    per - through, along

    post is after

    praeter is except or past

    pridie - the day before fixed dates

    prope - near

    trans - across

    ob and propter both mean because of

    sub - at the foot of or under

    That concludes our first set.

    Now our friend SID SPACE with ablatives!


    sine - without

    in - in or on

    de is down from or about

    sub is under with no motion

    pro - in place/in front of, for

    a or ab is by showing agent

    and a or ab is (away) from

    cum - with people, animals, intangibles

    e, ex - out of