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    The key to productivity is the ability to integrate the capabilities of the software on your desktop.  Using real-life business settings, this computer course utilizes activities and projects designed for learning and integrating Microsoft Office 2016 suite of application software: Word, Excel, Access and PowerPoint. 

    You will learn how to prepare professional looking documents using advanced word processing skills and become competent in creating spreadsheets & charts, database management and PowerPoint presentations.

    This course focuses on these applications from Office '16:

    • Word—is a word processing application that enables you to create and edit letters, reports, and other text based documents. 
    • Excel—is a powerful spreadsheet tool you can use to analyze, chart, and manage data for personal, business, and financial use.
    • Access—is a database management system that lets you organize, store, & retrieve information to create forms and reports
    • PowerPoint—an application that lets you create a professional, computerized slide show presentation

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