Participation In Government

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  • The course is outlined thematically and focuses on the following concepts:

    1. Philosophical Foundations of Political Democracy
    2. Citizenship & Obligations of Citizens
    3. Citizen’s Legal Rights and Responsibilities
    4. S. Public Policy Issues


     In terms of the components of the course, the student will learn the various facets of American Government and evaluate the nature and extent to which each of these aspects either contributes to or hinders our democratic form of government. After studying general concepts students will interpret U.S. government and politics through the analysis of specific examples, court cases and traditional issues/debates.   By taking a mostly contemporary look at our society, students will utilize various higher level thinking skills not only to interpret trends in politics/society, but also to help formulate solid opinions, judgments and character regarding the necessity of and means of civic participation on the local, state and national levels. 

    Ultimately, students will gain familiarity with the institutions, groups, beliefs, and ideas that constitute U.S. politics and our democratic system. Upon successful completion of this course, students will have completed a public policy research project. Students will be also required to complete all assignments throughout the semester as well as complete several in-depth projects.

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