Capital Project Referendum 2012-13

  • Pittsford Voters Pass Both Propositions as District looks to next steps


    Pittsford voters approved both propositions at the December 11, 2012 vote. The two propositions include the maintenance of District facilities and upgrades to physical education/athletic fields.


    Proposition 1 focuses on repairs and renovations throughout all nine school buildings. Improvements vary based on the school and Calkins Road is an exception for many upgrades because it is still a new building. Upgrades will be made to fire alarm systems and the telephone and PA systems. HVAC system improvements and emergency lighting/exit signage will also be focused on. As a result of State Aid and capital reserve funds, there should be no new tax impact on residents.


    Proposition 2 will emphasize improvements of physical education and athletic fields. This includes synthetic turf at both Mendon High School and Sutherland High School. There is an estimated tax increase of $4.99 per year for 15 years on the average home value of $250,000 with Basic STAR.


    The District is embarking on the next steps. In the upcoming months, preliminary plans and specifications will be sent to the New York State Department of Education. Approval is needed from the department to secure building permits.


    The next stage will involve developing final plans for the bidding process. If favorable, bids will be awarded and materials will be ordered during the staging period.


    Construction should start during spring of 2014, and the target for project completion is fall of 2016. Times are subject to change based on permit approval, bidding and other factors.

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