Classroom Technology

  • Most importantly, you are REQUIRED to bring a calculator to class EVERYDAY.  You may sign one out from school for a period, BUT if you lose it, you will be required to replace it.  I do NOT accept such excuses as: I left it in my car, my friend/sister/mom borrowed it, it is under my bed somewhere,.....

    The following calculators are acceptable:


                                            TI 84+     TI Nspire

    The TI Nspire is HIGHLY recommended.  It can be used as an 84 calculator or as an Nspire.  If you are buying a new calculator this year, please purchase a TI Nspire.  It will come with a card for an 84 faceplate for free.  Please fill that out and send in.

    Our class is very lucky to have a TI Navigator system in it. You will connect to this system daily to a hub with a cord connected to your calculator.  I will send warm up questions, polls, learn checks, quizzes and other learning tools to you and you will be able to send your responses back to me!!  For more information on the Ti Navigator, please click on the link below.

    TI Navigator