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  • May 2012 Update

    Town and School District collaborate on assessment of athletic field inventory

    The Town of Pittsford and the Pittsford Central School District (PCSD) have a strong history of collaboration. In keeping with this commitment, the entities have announced they will work together to address solutions to the overuse of athletic fields in Pittsford. The collaboration was proposed because PCSD is currently developing a capital project including athletic fields, and the Town will soon begin an update of its Parks and Recreation master plan that will include an assessment of athletic field use and needs.

    The two entities will be exploring the development of an alternative to the currently proposed lighted artificial turf field on two existing natural turf fields behind Mendon High School. In lieu of this option, the respective boards of the Town and the School District will study the possibility of locating a lighted artificial turf field in the Town’s Thornell Farm Park which is next to Mendon High School.

    August 2012 Update

    Planning for a Potential Capital Project

    At a workshop session on Tuesday, August 14, the Board of Education reviewed plans for a  potential capital project.   The District’s architect, construction manager and Assistant Superintendent for Business presented an overview of school building improvements,  athletic field improvements, tentative timeline for decisions, and an analysis of project costs.

    The potential project is designed primarily to address infrastructure improvements.  The project would also improve ADA access and update various code requirements.  A component of the project would address athletic field improvements at both high schools. 

    The Board indicated an interest in continuing with the project development through the fall with a potential public referendum in December, 2012.  The Board requested additional information about wording of propositions, further refinement of project scope and costs.  This information and more will be provided to the Board during regular Board of Education meetings starting in October.  If a project is pursued, public information will be provided as soon as available.

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