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    Photo Gallery 2015

    States Team - Lake Placid 2015


    2015 Sectionals

    2015 Boys States Team for Section V
    2015 Girls States Team for Section V 
    Sectional Relay team winners
    Pittsford Mendon, HFL
    Sectional Relay team winners
    Fairport, Pittsford Mendon, HFL 
    Pittsford Nordic Seniors
     Jack, Alex, Anne, Lizzy, John, Sean
    John, David, Margo, Shannon

    Sectional Success 2014!

    Section V Individual Champions
    Riley, HF; Tommy E, Pittsford Nordic

    Distance places - 2,1,3
    Peter M, (WEB) Tommy E, (PN) Ryan Y,(PN)

    Distance placed - 1,2,3
    Riley D (HF), Coleen, Y (PN), Martha M (HF)

      Boys States Team 2014 

    Girls States Team 2014 

    Practice - Varsity & Mods 12/13/2013- Fun Times!