General Music

  • Welcome to 6th grade General Music -  Let’s make music!
    Contact Information  - My name is Mrs. Jordan, and I’ll be your teacher this year.   I teach 6th grade general music, 6th grade chorus, men’s and women’s chorus, 7th and 8th grade mixed chorus, and two select choirs. 

    Please feel free to contact me at any time. 
    By phone:  267-3339
    By email:
    My website:  /webpages/kjordan/
    On my website, you will find helpful information about what we’re doing in class, important dates to remember, and links to other music resources.

    About this course: 
    General music meets every other day for the entire year.    In this class, we will continue to build your musician’s toolbox.  We will listen to music, work on reading music skills, sing, play instruments, create original compositions, and record some of our musical creations.   Above all, we will work as a team to support each individual’s growth as a musician. 

    Course Materials: 
    Please bring a folder to class EVERY DAY.  Please fill this binder of folder with loose-leaf lined paper.  Please bring a pencil (or two!) with you to class EVERY DAY.  Since we are constantly editing our compositions and work together, please do not use pen. 

    Most importantly, please bring a cooperative and enthusiastic attitude!  Be ready to try new things and to work together with your class.  Remember, we are all on this journey together.  We are only as strong as the weakest link!  Be a positive asset to the team!

    Grading:  The biggest question I always hear from students is, “How will I be graded on this?”  Another big one is “What’s my grade for that?”  Music is a performance-based class.  For each graded assignment, there will be a 4-point rubric that is based on the standards we are teaching.  When we are working on a project or assignment, the details of the rubric (and standards being assessed) are explained in class and posted on my website.  The rubric will typically follow this format:

    4- outstanding work that exceeds the expectation for the assignment
    3 – good quality work that meets the expectations for the assignment
    2 – a good effort on the assignment, but still not quite meeting the expectations for the assignment
    1 – unacceptable or incomplete work

    Please do not be alarmed if you earn mostly 3’s.  A grade of a 4 is reserved for superior work.   If you are consistently earning a grade of a 3, you are doing well in class.  Here is a general guideline for how your final grade for the quarter is determined:
    Mostly 4’s :    A+
    Mix of 3’s and 4’s :   A
    Mostly 3’s :      A-
    Mix of 3’s and 2’s:  B
    Mostly 2’s:  B-/C+

    Any work that you submit for a grade may be improved and resubmitted for grading at any time before the end of the grading period.

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