Polyphonic Choir

  • Welcome to Polyphonic Chorus!

    We are going to have a great year together making music!

    Course Expectations:


    All students should in class on time, every day, with their music, binder, and pencil. Please label your binder with your name. You are responsible for all music that is given to you, so please take care of it. No food or gum is allowed in rehearsal, but water is encouraged!


    All students should consistently participate in all class activities, with a positive attitude.

    • Demonstrate readiness to sing at the start of class
    • Contribute to a positive learning environment
    • Demonstrate proper rehearsal etiquette (engaged in the learning without being disruptive)
    • Demonstrates teamwork and a collaborative effort
    • Demonstrates consistent effort in the development of proper vocal technique
    • Demonstrates a willingness to try new things and take risks

    Concerts are not the most important part of the learning process, but it is an expected part of the process. It’s your chance to share your hard work and to experience the benefits of that hard work coming to fruition. You are expected to attend the following performances:

    • Fall Concert, Part 2 – Thursday, November 8th at 7:00 PM
    • Performance at PTSA Barnes and Noble Event – December (TBA)
    • MHS Choral Festival (grades 5-12) - Thursday, February 28th
    • Winter Concert, Part 2 – Wednesday, March 20th at 7:00 PM *NOTE THIS IS A CHANGE FROM THE PRINTED DISTRICT CALENDAR*
    • Final MHS Choral Concert – Wednesday, June 12th at 7:00PM

    The concert attire for Polyphonic Chorus is all black for all concert performances. Dress pants, long-sleeved dress shirts, long black dresses or skirts, black dress shoes (with black socks for the guys) are all appropriate. The guys should also wear a long tie, any color of your choice. Remember that concert dress is more formal attire than what you might wear out to a party or dinner with family. I highly recommend low-heeled shoes for comfort when standing on risers. Jeans, sneakers, t-shirts, short or tight fitting skirts are not acceptable concert dress.


    Our chorus curriculum will focus on proper physical alignment and posture for singing, controlled breathing, vocal technique and tone quality, ear training, music analysis, sight reading, critical thinking and evaluation, and repertoire from a variety of time periods, composers, and genres.

    Grading for this Course:

    Grading is based mostly on the students’ daily participation in chorus and demonstration of progress working toward the curricular goals. Quarterly grades will be calculated as follows:

    Daily participation and Effort – 70%

    Writing/Analyzing/Reflection – 10%

    Part Checks – 10%

    Sight Reading – 10%

    * Concert attendance is included in the participation and effort grade. If a student needs to miss a concert for emergency reasons (illness, death in the family, etc.), the student can complete a written assignment to earn partial credit for concert participation. *

    EXTRA-CURRICULAR Opportunities:

    All students in Polyphonic Chorus are eligible to audition for jazz, show, or a cappella choirs. I will be posting audition information on the bulletin board and my website very soon. Students who study privately also have the option to sing at NYSSMA Solo Fest. Please see my website for dates of other extended opportunities for vocal students.

    Solo Opportunities:

    Any student that is in chorus is invited to participate in the MHS Prism concert in December or the student Music Recital in the spring. Any choir student who takes private lessons or voice class is also invited to participate in the winter or spring NYSSMA solo festivals. See the attached department calendar for more specifics.


    The key to success for our students is clear and consistent communication. I always aim to work together with students and parents to keep communication open and positive. I encourage students to be pro-active with communication. This will always help to avoid conflicts and to come to a positive solution as soon as possible.

    I use the REMIND app to communicate with students and families.

    You can choose to receive email or text message notification options.

    Please sign up by texting @mhspc201819 to the number 81010

    or by emailing to mhspc1819@mail.remind.com

    This REMIND group is for STUDENTS ONLY.


    PARENTS should sign up for the Polyphonic Chorus PARENT group by

    texting @mhspc2018p to the number 81010

    or by emailing to mhspc2018p@mail.remind.com


    Feel free to contact me:






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