Concert Makeup Assignment

  • Directions for Concert Makeup Assignment: 

    Watch the podcast online at home.  You can view the podcast from the school district website.  There is a link under “Quick Links” on the left-hand side for Podcasts.


    As you view the podcast, choose some students that you can learn from their performance.  Make notes about their posture, mouth position, and expression.  For each song of the concert, write a paragraph to answer the following questions.  If your group sang four songs, there should be 4 paragraphs.  You may hand write or type your answers, but it should be on a separate sheet of lined paper if you write it yourself.


    1.  Student examples – For each song, point out a few students that you notice gave a good performance, and describe things that you saw these people doing well that you would like to try to do as well.


    2.  Balance – Describe the balance of the group.  Note any sections of the song that you think were or were not balanced well and explain what you heard.


    3.  Diction – Describe any sections of the song that were really good or anything that you might not have been able to understand the diction.


    4.  Expression – Evaluate the choir’s expression as a whole.  Do you think they conveyed the meaning of this song in their performance?  Give specific examples.