Voice Class

  • Welcome to Voice Class!

    We are going to have a great year together making music!


    Course Expectations:


    All students should in class on time, every day, with their music, binder, and pencil.

    Please label your binder with your name.

    No food or gum is allowed in class, but water is encouraged!

    Students are also encouraged to bring an electronic device that they can use for recording their own performances and searching for model recordings on the internet.


    All students should consistently participate in all class activities, with a positive attitude.

    • Demonstrate readiness to sing at the start of class
    • Contribute to a positive learning environment
    • Demonstrate proper rehearsal etiquette (engaged in the learning without being disruptive)
    • Demonstrates teamwork and a collaborative effort
    • Demonstrates consistent effort in the development of proper vocal technique
    • Demonstrates a willingness to try new things and take risks

    Students in this class will prepare repertoire for informal class performances on a regular basis. Some repertoire will be at the teacher’s discretion (based on teaching objectives) and others will be the student’s choice.

    There are two “final” recitals scheduled for after school. These recitals will be performed in the auditorium on stage with lights and sound. Please mark your calendars for friends and family to attend!

    Midterm Recital – Friday, January 19th at 2:30 PM

    Final Recital – Friday, June 8th at 2:30 PM

    There is also the option to prepare a solo for the NYSSMA solo fest in either January or May.

    Voice class students are also invited to participate in either the MHS Prism concert in December or the Music Recital in May. Mrs. Jordan will post details for these optional opportunities on her bulletin board as well as her website.


    Grading for this Course:

    Grading is dependent on the students’ daily participation in class and demonstration of progress working toward the curricular goals. There is not a lot of homework, but students are expected to work on listening assignments outside of class as well as work on memorizing their repertoire.

    Quarterly grades will be calculated as follows:

                Daily participation and Effort – 50%

                            Daily warmups

                            Physical Activities (includes yoga)

                            Independent Practice

                            In Class “workshops” on the repertoire

                            Written reflections on performances

                            Written analysis and study of repertoire

                            Sight-reading skills

                            Listening Assignments

                            Being prepared on learning the repertoire when assigned

               Class Performances – 50%

                            Informal class performances (at least two each quarter)

                            End of Semester Formal Recitals



    Our Voice Class will focus on the following musicianship skills:

    • Developing an understanding the elements of music (melody, rhythm, harmony, texture, form, timbre, and dynamics) through practical application and performance
    • Proper alignment and posture for singing
    • Proper breath control
    • Vocal technique
    • Individual expression
    • Self confidence through individual performance
    • Peer cooperation, critique, and collaboration
    • Researching historical context and composer information for solo literature
    • Learning musical repertoire from the standard solo literature including (but not limited to): Traditional, Folk, spirituals, Classical, Broadway, Jazz, and Pop music



    I use the REMIND app to communicate with students and families.

    You can choose to receive email or text message notification options.

    Please sign up by texting @mhsvcsem1 to the number 81010

    or by emailing to mhsvcsem1@mail.remind.com


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