English 11

  • Welcome to English 11--American Literature.  This year we'll concentrate on studying American culture through literature and honing writing skills throughout the year.  We'll read major American novels, essays, short stories, and poetry that reflect American culture from Puritanism to today.

    This year, we'll write formally and informally, analytically and creatively.  We'll work especially on developing ideas thoroughly using textual examples and writing true conclusions. Junior year is a year to work on the level of sophistication in writing, and we'll practice techniques toward that end. 

    Every Monday will be Journal Monday.  Much of what we study in English 11 is relevant to study in US History, and we'll make frequent connections between the literature and the history. This year you'll take the New York State ELA exam in June.

    Assignments and due dates will be determined and communicated in class  on the daily agenda and through Remind notifications. Updates and changes will be communicated this way, as well.

    Be sure to check my books and my links for major works/links and useful resources.


    *school closure links are found below*

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