About the 2012 Capital Project

  • In December of 2012, Pittsford residents voted to approve two capital project propositions.  One proposition supported infrastructure repairs, renovations and latest code compliance items in all nine of the District’s school buildings.  The second proposition was in support of physical education and athletic projects which include the installation of synthetic turf at both the Mendon and Sutherland High School stadiums, as well as reflective lights that minimize off-field spillage at Sutherland High, and a large rear natural grass field at Mendon High.  The project may be supplemented with community and booster contributions to support concession/public lavatories and related infrastructure at both stadiums.  We thank our community for their support of our students and schools in Pittsford.

    During the summer of 2015, major work is being done at Mendon High School causing the building to be closed.  Sutherland High School and three of the elementary schools (Jefferson Road, Mendon Center and Park Road) are also having significant work done in July and August. Bringing aged systems and buildings to code and efficiency is a complex task and one that is being conducted thoughtfully and methodically.

    The District remains committed to the safety and security of its students despite the increased activities and outside activities of construction and related personnel.  The Construction Manager will perform background checks, District issued ID badges specific to contractors will be issued, and visiting contractors will have real-time criminal background checks performed prior to commencing work and being issues a visitor badge.  The Project Design Team is currently developing additional security measures as the construction process is developed.

    Repairs are in progress at each school, but details and the extent vary by size and age of the school. We look forward to the refurbishing and, of course, its completion.