Music Honors Distinction





    Students participating in Wind Ensemble, Concert Band, Symphony Orchestra, Chamber Orchestra, Chamber Choir, Women’s Chorale, and Polyphonic Choir may elect to pursue an Honors Distinction for these courses.  To receive the Honors Distinction on their transcript, students must accumulate 5  Activity Points according to the chart below.  Students wishing to receive the Honors Distinction must declare their intention to do so at the beginning of the school year, complete form linked here, and be approved by the music department building leader.  Students must also present certification in June of some of the activities that are held off campus to qualify towards this distinction.  The Activities Points may be selected from the list below.


    Honors Distinction Activities List for Large Ensemble Participants


      1. Participation in either the MCSMA or NYSSMA solo festival.

    (Mandatory for all Honors Level Credit students)                                          1 point

      1. Weekly private lessons on major instrument/voice (30 minimum per year)    1 point

      1. Weekly private lessons on secondary instrument (30 minimum per year)        ½ point

      1. Full year participation in the Rochester Philharmonic Youth Orchestra or

    the Hochstein Youth Wind Symphony.                                                                  ½ point

      1. Full year participation in a sacred choir or approved community ensemble.    ½ point

      1. Successful completion of Eastman or Hochstein Theory, History, or

    Chamber Music Class (if school credit is not awarded)                                        1 point

      1. Full Year Participation in Mendon Strings Attached, Jazz Ensemble, Jazz Band,

    Show Choir, Men’s A Cappella, Women’s A Cappella or Vocal Jazz                   1 point

      1. Performance in the MHS or SHS musical, in the cast or pit orchestra.              ½ point

      1. Selection to and participation in an All-State Conference Ensemble                 1 point

      1. Selection to and participation in an All-County or Area All State ensemble     ½ point

      1. Participation in a school directed, approved chamber ensemble (string

    quartet, brass quintet, woodwind quintet, etc.)                                                    ½ point

      1. Participation in a prior approved solo vocal competition.                                   ½ point

      1. Membership in good standing with the school chapter of Tri-M music

    honor society.                                                                                                            ½ point


    Points may also be earned for a combination of experiences such as those below.  The number of points will be determined by the individual building leader for music.  The ensemble director and the building leader will consider these and other musical experiences on an individual basis.

      1. Summer music study.

      1. Performance in outside school musicals and other performance opportunities.

      1. Regular accompanist activities.

      1. A consistent scheduling of teaching or sharing of music talents in less formal ways (ie: Scouts, Tutoring, Practice Partner, etc.)


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