Curricular Ensembles - Concert Band & Wind Ensemble

  • In support of our PCSD Music Standards (see link), it is my goal to develop the whole musician in each student through what has traditionally been a performance-based course.  In addition to developing performance skills, it is crucial to develop analytical and creative skills as well as deepen each student’s understanding of the communicative nature of music.  I approach the whole musician by assessing the growth of specific technical and expressive skills in performance, building a strong theoretical base along with aural discrimination to better understand how music works, unlocking and guiding each student’s creative ability to find their own voice through their instrument and by exploring how the art of composition developed over time as music reflects culture.


    Through a wide range of assessments (from formal written tests to student self-evaluations) covering all aspects of the whole musician, students will earn a grade based on growth and mastery of their musical skills.  Understanding that each student is at a different level of strength in the many areas of developing the whole musician, it is important that each student be evaluated on their growth as an individual and not in comparison with one another.


    In addition to developing well-rounded musicians, it is my goal to program literature that creates well-rounded performances for our audiences.  For, in addition to being artists, musicians are also entertainers.  I sincerely hope that both students and community members will take pride in and enjoy the work of our young adults.