•  Weekly Small Group Lesson Information


    All students enrolled in the MHS winds and percussion program will be included in the weekly lesson schedule.  The lesson schedule will be posted in the music hallway and the large rehearsal room as well as on Mr. Maguda’s web page.  It will also be shown in Infinite Campus so that other teachers are aware.  Many variables are considered when creating the lesson schedule, therefore every effort should be made to attend the scheduled lessons. 



    Students must arrive for their lessons before or within the first five minutes of the period.  This provides the students time to sign-in to their study hall/confer with their teacher/etc. before the lesson.  Excessive tardiness will be recorded as an unexcused missed lesson.


    Students must have all materials necessary for a successful lesson.  This includes lesson books, band music, reference sheets, written assignments, pencils and instrument maintenance supplies (reeds, valve oil, slide grease, etc.).


    Students must demonstrate a desire to succeed.  This desire becomes evident in each students attitude and openness to constructive criticism, weekly preparation and skill reinforcement, and musical growth in lessons.  Students will receive grades on their lesson preparation and progress weekly.  In addition, students will be evaluated on performance and written skill assessments every 2-3 lessons. 


    I would highly recommend monitoring progress on Infinite Campus regularly.  I update grades daily.  It provides for a better experience for all if concerns/questions about grades are raised early on.


    Makeup Lessons:

    If a student is forced to miss a lesson due to a conflict caused by the teacher, school or district, the student is not responsible for scheduling a makeup lesson.  Examples of these include the teacher being called-out of the department without the availability of a music substitute, grade-level meetings or snow days.


    Students must makeup lessons that are missed due to illness, error or choice.  If a student anticipates the need to miss a lesson, it is recommended that the student reschedules the lesson in advance of the scheduled lesson.  Please note that there is a testing center available to the students for the purpose of taking a test in the event of missing it for a scheduled lesson.


    Makeup lessons must occur no later than one week after the missed lesson or one week upon the student’s return to school from his/her absence.  A maximum of two makeup lessons will be permitted per quarter. 


    Students should sign up for a scheduled rotating make up lesson in the large rehearsal room.  If a student is not available during the scheduled make up lesson times offered, he/she should contact me to arrange an alternate time (before school, 10th period or partial lunch period).


    Please feel free to reach me at 267-3865 or paul_maguda@pittsford.monroe.edu  if you have any questions or concerns.