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Portfolio Submission Links

  • Applying to College? Need a Portfolio?

    What you need depends on:

    • each individual college or university
    • major or degree you pursue
    • whether you are applying for a scholarship

    Most places require a portfolio which is submitted digitally (if you don't attend a "Portfolio Day"). Each college has different submission requirements for portfolios, with most using Slideroom (for an additional fee). Portfolios usually contain 12 to 20 pieces and should represent your best work. Diversity, creativity, craftsmanship and technique are all important. With very few exceptions, having 3-6 artworks from observation (from real life, not a photograph) is required. Portraits, figures, interior and exterior spaces, and still life objects show a variety of observation skills. 


    • Deadlines vary -do your research early.
    • Meet with your art teacher.
    • Get good images of your artwork.
    • Use links below for guidance.