Business Dynamics I & II

  • Updated Tuesday, June 2, 2020

     Open office hours will begin on Thursday, April 16th.  Pop in anytime between 12-1 pm.  I have posted the Zoom code on our teams page in Office 365.


    6/2/2020 - This week's assignment will be the last new assignment.  You will be completing a budget simulation/game and reflecting on the experience.  You can find the assignment with directions and reflection questions as well as the excel template for the simulation/game on my website.  Please submit your reflections to me by Monday, June 8.

    5/26/2020- This week using your knowledge on savings, investing and insurance, provide financial advice to a fictinal client.  The document necessary for the assignment can be found on my website.  Please submit your work by Monday, June 1.

    5/19/2020 - Complete the insurance assignment and submit your work to me by Tuesday, May 26.

    5/12/2020 - View the Savings and Investing PPT and complete the savings and investing questons by Monday, May 18.  Both documents can be found on my website, though you may need to search the Internet for some.

    5/5/2020 - View the credit PPT and submit the credit assignment to me by Monday, May 11, 2020.  Both documents can be found on my website.

    4/28/2020 - View the banking PPT and submit the banking assignment to me by Monday, May 4, 2020.  Both documents can be found on my website.

     4/21/2020 - Complete the taxes internet search and submit your answers to me by Friday, April 24, 2020.

     4/6/2020 - Using the PPT on consumerism as your notes, complete the consumnerism assignment and return to me by Friday, April 17.  There is a graphic organizer to help you with the assignment.


    Business Dynamics I: This course introduces students to the dynamic world of work.  Students will explore the current business trends and most sought after skills needed to succeed in the workplace.  Throughout the course students will research career options that are of interest to them based on several self-assessments that we will complete in class.  Students will also learn the job acquisition process which includes writing a resume and cover letter as well as how to best prepare for the interview.

    Business Dynamics II: This course is designed to help students understand and develop the employment skills and knowledge needed to prepare for an exciting career in our rapidly changing business world.  Students will explore how to manage their personal finances including budgeting, banking, consumerism, credit and many other consumer skills.



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