Entertainment Hospitality Marketing & Management


    This course looks at management and marketing through the eyes of the entertainment and hospitality businesses allowing students to learn how both management and marketing functions are intertwined to reach and satisfy the needs of target audiences. We will explore the management and planning of a local event, marketing a restaurant, creating customer service programs, recruiting, training and managing employees, sales and promotional functions, legal issues and financial aspects of these exciting industries. 

    Those students who have enrolled in the Entertainment & Hospitality Marketing Management class for the 2019-2020 school year are eligible to receive three college credits through MCC. Please check out the link provided below or on the dual credit page to find information on how to register.  Please look for information to come home the first week of classes. 

    Registration is TBD (Fall) & TBD (Spring)
    Course Name & Number -Supervising for the 21st Century, BUS 135 

    Tuition Due TBD
    Click the link  below to enroll 




    Disney Video

    Bentley's Corner Barkery


    Elite Events Management








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