• School Districts must have internal controls in place to ensure that the goals and objectives of the District are accomplished; laws, regulations, policies, and good business practices are complied with; operations are efficient and effective; assets are safeguarded; and accurate, timely and reliable data are maintained.

    Pittsford School's governance and control environment includes:

    • PCSD Code of Ethics
    • Corrective action for issues reported in audit reports
    • Required policies and procedures for District operations
    • Fiscal Reports including Treasurer's cash report,
                          Budget status report, Revenue report
    • District's long term financial plan
    • Required attendance for Board members at
                          Financial Accountability training programs
    • Audit Committee Function
    • District information systems up-to-date, economical and efficient
    • Computer files secured with passwords and other controls
    • Periodic testing that controls are working efficiently
    • Staff cross training for backups during vacation periods

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