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    Mindfulness by Deepak Chopra (3 min) *click on link and OPEN in new window for video to pop up. Deepak Chopra is a world renowned master of Mindful living, health and well and Ayurveda (this is what I have been studying for 2 years in my global classroom!). It is worth the 3 minutes and can be practiced longer on your own. Commit to 3 mintues and practice with Deepak. 

     Mindfulness for FOCUS 



    Mindfulness of Darkness  4/2/2020  Mindfulness 2

     This practice works best at night or in a dark room. It is 8 minutes in length. Please remember to give yourself breaks during the day to Restore and Refresh your mind and body. It is importanwork and I hope to practice again in class with you all very soon. 


    Mindfulness Miercoles para 3/25/2020  Mindfulness Miercoles

    *this practice is almost 20 min long, get comfy (lay down) and enjoy the relaxation. I am sending you all the aroma of virtual lavanda (lavender). Be well. Feel free to share our meditation with your people. 

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