Distance Learning Plan

  • Part 2 of ART EXAMEN - Speaking (Between May 21-May 30th)

    There will be an informational ZOOM on May 8th at 2 pm. Code: 927-4700-3347

    The final assessment for the ART unit will be a group conversation (or individual) on zoom live. In preparation for the open notes conversation with me, you will need to research, know and organize your notes for the list of artists listed below. I encourage you to chat in Spanish with your group mates (or alone outloud) about the works to solidify your ability to pull your ideas together. Although you may have your notes in front of you, the live conversation wtih me will involve both the prepared content (your sheets) and some spontaneous questions. During our conversation I will give you and your partner a few of the required pieces to comparar and contrastar en espanol. Our conversation should sound natural not like you are reading off your paper the bulleted notes you have prepared. Please prepare ahead of time. I would estimate that a group of 3 will be live in conversation with me for approximately 30 minutes. The sign up for time slots will be available on May 8th during our zoom call. 

    Having worked with 4 Honors students for years, I am fully aware of the demands of AP exams. If you have prepared your art notes, Please move on to the next vocabulary list (our last unit) for Medio Ambiente in your giant packet from September. Look up the words and establish a method for memorization. 

    I will be working on creating some documents to review ALL the major grammar from this year so that you may maintain flexibilty and variety while using Spanish. 

    Email or use remind App to send questions or concerns. Os echo mucho de menos!! 



    Week of April 20-24th, 2020

    Looking ahead: ZOOM on WEDNESDAY at 2pm CANCELED - do mindfulness instead! 

    Assessments over next 3 weeks. I am RETHINKING what you need to show me for the ART unit. I am going to scale back to ONE item but will need time to reflect on what I think is enough AND what I think is KIND TO YOU! 

    . IF you missed class, please find a classmate, get the notes and print documents from Below (Modelo y el GRECO). The zoom class this day crashed at the end and I was not able to save, convert and post :(


    lunes: Prepping for TEST(The test will be done LIVE during a ZOOM class, you may use your notes DATE: FRIDAY MAY 1) - make flashcards of each of the movements with essential notes to help you retain information. 

    martes-viernes: IN your notebook, please set up (handwrite)  5 pages of  this doc FORMATO

    Prepping the content of the ART UNIT: Please research (some you have already in notes like Guernica and La Persistencia de la memoria) and fill out 6 box formato for...

    1. Salvador Dali - la persistencia de la memoria

    2. Frida Kahlo- Las 2 Fridas

    3. Goya -el 3 de mayo

    4. Diego Velazquez - Las meninas

    5. Carmen Lomas Garza- La Tamalada

    6. El GRECO-2 works done with me (Vista de Toledo, El entierro del conde de Orgaz).

    VIDEOS of work 2 here El GRECO Vid 2 A 

    AND   El GRECO vid2B


    miercoles- MINDFULNESS ONLY- coming soon (working on this now) 


    JUEVES- GO to TEAM, Watch Video and Answer questions in TEAM.            


    Viernes- same as martes



    Week of April 13-17th, 2020

    Notes and day by day schedule can be found here: Movements END and horario

    Documents for Friday LIVE ZOOM call (see powerpoint above for instructions)

    Updated for ZOOM class FRIDAY APRIL 17th : PLEASE PRINT! (sorry for changes- this one document is organized mejor)

    Modelo y el greco





    Week of April 6-11th, 2020

    Hola todos, this week your only objective is to review vocabulary (quizlet or make flash cards/fichas). As per district request, I have  been advised to not send out lessons this week. We will resume the ARTE videos for new content starting on Monday April 13th, 2020. At that time, work will be closely tracked, feedback provided and some sort of "grade" will be provided. About half of you already completed Picasso and Guernica work on Microsoft TEAMS- if you have not completed this essential work, please do so by midnight tonight as it has a deadline. 


    On Wednesday, as is our tradition- I will share a mindfulness practice with you. If you are feeling restless or not sleeping well- please reach out for suggestions via email or Remind App. I have tons of resources I can share. You may have also noticed , I created a Mindfulness tab on my website- I will post some links here of practices that I have done many times as part of my own practice. 

    Cafe y Charlar? I loved seeing many of you last week and would love to arrange another session to charlar pero esta vez en espanol! Es solamente una oportunidad hablar o escuchar en espanol, no voy a dar puntos ni notas. 

    Wednesday ZOOM con SENORA en ESPANOL, por favor!

    2 pm    (una hora)  codigo para entrar: 376-619-200


    Lastly- check out the NEW  Mindfulness TAB- I put a visual there to consider. Hope to see you WEDNESDAY!!





    Week of 30 marzo - 3 abril, 2020

    Hola Hola!! In an effort to condense information a little- I have posted clave to vocab, New practice with answers, and the AGENDA for the week inside this power point. 

    The AGENDA - click here Agenda week of march 30

    To RECAP the BIG PLAN:

    MWF - watch videos (I will post here as I make them)

    T/TR - go to TEAM and answer questions - feel free to Ask as well

    *i will always send a Remind app when NEW content is posted here to help you stay organized.

    Os echo MUCHO mucho de menos- espero poder ver vuestras caras y oir vuestras voces pronto!



    lunes 30 marzo Cubismo y el Impresionismo Video 3

    Friday 3 abril Realismo y Velazquez 4






    Week of 3/23

    Planning: MWF I will post 1-2 15 minute videos. Pleaes following instuctions below. 

    T and TR there will be questions posted in the Team - please respond so I can track effort

    *I will keep you posted about a time for live doc chat or zoom time invite so we can SEE each other - Cause I miss you all!!!!


    Lunes 3/23- mira videos Video 1 Arte y Vid 2 Salvador Dali   y apunta en el paquete o cuaderno (consulta con alguien sobre los apuntes para comparar y compartir)

                     Tarea: Arte packet with green cover page- first page front and back (to practice vocab- try not to look at the list-test your memory)


    martes- 3/24  Abre TEAM y responde las preguntas alli, por favor

    miercoles 3/25  Primero Mindfulness HERE: mindful miercoles and 

                          Video de musica (this is topic for TEAM chat tomorrow) Video de Espana

                           Tarea: Arte packet - page 2 (2 lados)


    jueves 3/26  Abre TEAM y responde las preguntas alli

    viernes 3/27 Mira video(s) y consulta con alguien en la clase

    DUERME MAS- es bueno para el sistema inmune y los nervios.