Distance Learning Plans

  • Hola Todos!


    Week of May 18th

    FINAL ASSIGNMENTS and final cultural packet (this has a due date of May 29th)

    Final Outline 2020

    el Flamenco



    Week of May 4th, 2020

    Please read and submit this cultural reading for TAPAS. This counts for a grade. You may partner up and include 2 names on this sheet. 

    This is due By FRIDAY MAY 8th. GRADED reading and Questions 


    Week of April 27th, 2020. Work onFood Project. Due by Monday May 4th! 

    if you are having a hard time posting to TEAMS or emailing me, please feel free to post on FACEBOOK AND send me a message on Remind app or email me so I know to go and find it for a grade. 


    WEEK OF APRIL 20th, 2020

    Please read horario and look at FOOD PROJECT description before ZOOM today at 2 pm. 386-662-3487

    Horario y PROYECTO



    WEEK of April 6-April 11th, 2020

    Hello Spanish 4! This week your only objective is to study vocabulary and memorize the verbs. Please use/share your flash cards / quizlet with each other and take a little time (2-3 times this week)to study vocab from the green list (AND the verbs you added). The district has provided the date of new instruction, student tracking and "grading" to take place starting on April 13th. Please make sure you check here on that day to stay in the know. I am trying to organize online resources and put content on office 365 for easier access by that date. About 3/4 of the class completed the first assignement posted there (10 Q for food), if you have not- please make it a priority this week to complete and submit. 

    On Wednesday, I will be posting a new mindfulness video for you to use from the comfort of your own home. This work is as important to me as teaching another language so it is my hope that you will carve out the time to practice at least one time per week as we would be doing from SHS. I have created a Mindfulness Library and i will share some of my favorite videos as time passes. This week our theme will be a recorded version of a live practice we did in class involving rooting down into the earth. 

    I will post new content and a new agenda on Monday April 13th, please check here regularily for updates. I will always send you a Remind update when I update anything here. 

    ZOOM with SENORA??

    On Thurday April 9th, I would like to invite you a zoom video chat as a class for whoever can show up. 

    11 am - 11:45 ish- pop in and say HOLA, I just want to see your faces and hear your voices, there is no grade involved just that warm and fuzzy feeling that comes from seeing people you miss. 

    ZOOM code: 856-062-627 

    Hope to see you there- Pop in and say Hola, you don't have to stay the whole time, I just want to see your smiles. 



    Miercoles 1 abril, 2020

    In an effort to help you strengthen your listening skills, I have made a vocabulary video for you. 

    Please listen/watch this video for vocabulary practic and follow instructions provided. Video here: Voc Listening practica


    Jueves 2 abril, 2020


    Please Add these notes to list, complete assignment - Details inside New content and practice