Distance Learning Plan

  • Hola Espanol 2! 


    Horario Week of May 18th, 2020

    lunes 5/18 

    1) please do the 20 question mult choice legends practice LINK: https://forms.office.com/Pages/ResponsePage.aspx?id=FavmrYQ8YES4y3A_6inbnM1rLSHVfH9JvOodmzaAg8ZUOEE2MDlUNlU2NkxOMjFCSVRQTlBKQkNEMi4u

    2) Zoom today at 2 pm    386-662-3487

    3) please study LEYENDAS vocabulary for 20 minutes today - quizlet or real flash cards 


    Martes 5/19

    1) Read this leyenda and complete the practice (This is required cultural content) Ixta y Popo Leyenda

    2) please study LEYENDAS vocabulary


    Miercoles 5/20

    1) print this packet or complete in your notebook (THIS IS REQUIRED MEX cultura content)

    Mex history and culture    * I will create multiple choice activities on 365 for you to make sure you understand.

    2) Study vocab!


    jueves 21, viernes 22 and lunes 25 (due on Tuesday May 26th) 

    1) complete this document  after you watch the video. This is required cultural content. Please submit your work in 365 in Assignments or email me photos of your work. mariposas de papel





    Horario Week of May 11th

    Monday post: 1) complete the grammar sheets found on TEAMS or here May 11th grammar sheets

    Wednesday post 2) Watch this video **There is an issue right now with formatting! SKip the movie questions.

    then print this   Cultura Y Mexico and complete for Zoom on monday May 18th at 2pm. I will go over all answers this day. There will be a final cultural  project (speaking and writing sections). We will be working on this project for several weeks. 




    Horario week of May 4, 2020


    Please open this document     Leyendas vocab practice (3 days worth of legends vocab practice)- PRINT or complete  in your notebook. Instructions on page 1.

    May 8th Your answer key to practice clave for 3 page practice




    Horario WEEK of April 27th, 2020 AND MAY 4th, 2020

    1)You need a completed list for Legends vocabulary - see remind app for posted key (by Donna!)

                     WHAT TO DO with VOCAB? STUDY IT!

                      (MAKE FLASH CARDS or a QUIZLET and commit to studying 15 minutes -at a minimum, 3 times per week)

    2) OPEN this document, watch video, take notes and do practiceDemostrativos VIDEO 1

    3) Open this document, check your work, take notes for Plural forms, DO THE PRACTICE BY monday.Demostrativos part 2

    I will be rolling out practice for the new LEGENDS vocabulary next week. I am compiling a packet now. It is important that you keep working on studying vocabulary and new grammar. We will review pret and imperfect again in the LEGENDS unit and there will be a TEST/Project to ensure you have the necessary skills. I will set up pacing for you here as always but you need to find to study on your own. Email if you have questions. 



    Horario Week of April 20, 2020  * ZOOM canceled for FRIDAY APRIL 24th. 

    Please print or handwrite this NEW vocabulary LIST on LEGENDS and  ANCIENT and MODERN city LEGENDS

    LOOK UP THE ENGLISH- (share the work with a classmate and photo share definitions). You will need  ALL this vocabulary by MONDAY APRIL 27th




    Horario Week of April 13-April 17th 2020

    This week we will work on our ChildHood project. Please print and READ this document childhood Project

    We will work on this project this week and I will also assign work in your packet (you have this already!) to help you gain mastery of Pret vs Imperfect. 


    The packet pacing is as follows (Each should take approx 20 minutes)/THEN 20 minutes WORK ON PROJECT

    Monday April 13th- D and E  

    Tuesday 14th F ,1-13 

    Wednesday 15th F 14-30 

                ANSWER KEY will be here on WED for you to check your work and see my notes:

                 Mindfulness HERE: 

    Thursday 16th and Friday 17th - spend 30 minutes working on project

    DUE DATE - MONDAY APRIL 20th - Send me your video before MIDNIGHT.



    Horario for week of April 6-11

    Monday - Friday -> your only objective this week is to make sure you complete the worksheet posted on TEAMS from Friday. You can find this under assignments (on left of your main screen once in 365) or if you go back in the TEAM FEED to Friday (link to document). This assignment is the first step to the project you will be working on once the district gives me permission to start new instruction on April 13th. 


    This week on WED April 8th, I would love to see your faces and just catch up. 

    I have arranged a ZOOM from 11-noon. the ID code is 216-009-067

    Feel free to pop in and say HOLA to me and your classmates, joke around a bit like normal, show me your pets etc.

    A new Mindfulness will also be made available for you.


    A look ahead:

    Starting on April 13th, I will arrange video chat groups in microsoft TEAMS or zoom so we can talk about Pret and Imperfect and do some practice together. 

    You will also be working on a project from home involving the Blue vocab list AND pret vs Imperfect. The video outlining this project will not come out until the district gives permission to move forward. 

    I miss you all very much and hope that we get the chance to be together again in our actual  Spanish class before June. This has been a wild and crazy time in our history to experience.  I will continue to add to our Mindfulness resources weekly as I believe it is a good use of your time whether you are at home or in the classroom. Feel free to email me any time! I would love to hear from you this week- even if you just post in the Remind App to say Hola or to let me know you took a mini break and practiced Mindfulness-which I value as much as learning another language!

    Sometimes it can be hard to express what you are feeling, maybe this visual can help you put some words to this new and unusual time. 

     para considerar




    Horario for week of March 30th aqui: Agenda March 30 week

    Resources - Video Pret vs imperfecto Video 1 pret imp

    clave pages 1 y 2 gramatica Pret/imp page 1 grammar pqte 

    page 2 grammar




    Horario for last week:

    horario march 24th

    and last weeks minfulness practice:

    Mindfulness March 25th