Student and Parent Resources - For My Resource Room Students

  • Resources:                                                                            Purpose:

    **                 email teachers, check teacher websites regularly, morning announcements, student/parent portal (parents needs to fill out online form, print, and bring in person with photo identification to the main office)

    Research/Writing:                                  go to Sutherland, department websites, library (contains various databases for research (password:  Sutherland))                         MLA guidelines, writing tools                                              students will be required to submit all English and SS papers


    Online Textbooks:                                     World History textbook online

    (students’ must obtain username and password from their teacher)

    Study/Test Preparation:                                          study for regents exams                                     prepare for teacher made and regents exams, complete teacher assignments                                           create flashcards and print                                                 create electronic flashcards, study online                                           create electronic flashcards and study games


    College and Career:                                      preparation for SATs, exploring colleges                                                       preparation for ACTs                                            college search                                      career and college search


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