• Diversity Club is a school-based organization to raise awareness in our school about the diversity of our student population. We are here to educate one another about the various religions, cultures, ethnicities, and beliefs that exist within Sutherland High School. We support and reinforce that our differences contribute positively to our appreciation for and understanding of the communities that exist outside of this school, and affirm that tolerance and respect are fundamental characteristics of any community committed to positive change. We are unified in our own commitment to student edification through diversity awareness.

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    2019-2020 Leadership Team:

    Cody Uman, Kennedy Sayres,

    Brielle Burgess, John Rodriguez

    2018-2019 Leadership Team: Leela Munsiff, Caden Johnson, Cody Uman, Melissa Nixon

    2017-2018 Leadership Team: Leela Munsiff, Caden Johnson, Lilia Pronin, Phoebe Uman, Julissa Valez, & Emma Wang
    2016-2017 Co-Presidents: Hillary Mekoyo-Bakou, Isha Kenkare