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English 11 Regents

  • As with all grade levels of English, this course is designed to improve the communication skills of each student. The coursework is designed to present challenges to each student that he or she will be expected to face and overcome in future high school English classes as well as in higher education.  This will frequently require not only a certain degree of diligence, but also a capacity to think about, interpret, and discuss pieces of literature in a mature and intelligent manner. For a sample of some of the works we'll be reading this year check out the book list.

    Much of the time, homework will be reading. We will be working with both fiction and non-fiction and with various genre (poetry, short story, novel, etc.). Writing assignments will vary in length. At some point, this writing will require the use of research materials and appropriate citations. All writing work must adhere to the standards set forth by the Modern Language Association.

    Grading Procedures
    • There will occasionally be "pop" quizzes to assure that reading is being done.
    • Students must turn in all written work on the due date during class. Since the majority of written work will be submitted through Turnitin.com, an absence from class will not impact the punctual submission of writing assignments.
    • In the case of an absence, the student is responsible for finding out what he or she missed and making arrangements for make-up work. Come find me, I will not come find you. You must remember that I have over 100 students; you have fewer than 10 teachers.
    • At the end of each marking period, any outstanding work averages in as a zero.
    • Adhering to deadlines is one of the ways that you demonstrate maturity and personal responsibility. As such, I expect that you will submit all work on time. I know that life can be complicated. If there are extenuating circumstances such as a family emergency, please see me so that we can make appropriate arrangements.
    • Students are also responsible for taking any missed tests or quizzes upon his or her return from a legitimate absence. Please see me immediately after an absence to make arrangements.
    Each student must have a single subject notebook with perforated paper for easy tear out or a three ring binder with loose leaf paper and TWO marble cover composition notebooks.

    Classroom Procedures
    I ask that students be prompt, prepared, courteous, and respectful of other people and their property EVERY DAY.

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