Resources & Student Assistance

  • Student Assistance Options - There are many great resources available to students; be sure to use them as often as you need to and always seek answers to your questions right away – it doesn’t pay to wait.

    1. The Internet  - Whether you have a question or want to learn more about a topic, the internet is always the best place to start.  A simple search will usually lead you to a number of excellent websites and videos that just might answer your question.  Be sure to check out several different websites and find the one that you feel the most comfortable with.    YouTube is also an excellent resource for learning; don’t underestimate its value.  In Algebra 1 Comon Core, each lesson has a video component which is posted on the assignment calendar in Canvas.  Mr. Dorey's Video Library also contains a wealth of information on many topics.  The internet should be your first stop for information.  

    2. Mr. Dorey's Algebra Handbook - See if you can find what you're looking for in Mr. Dorey's Algebra Handbook.  Remember that there is an index in the back which makes information easy to find, and a table of contents in the front.

    3. Friends, Peers & Family - Sometimes a friend will have just the explanation that you’re looking for.  Don’t be afraid to ask questions of others and remember that some of the best learning happens through conversation.  

    4. Student Assistance at the Math Office - Student assistance is offered during almost every period of the day at the Math Office on the 3rd floor – just come on in!  Some students like to come with specific questions or to work with a teacher while others prefer to come in to work on assignments and ask questions if needed.  Remember that even if the door is closed we are inside waiting to work with you!  

    5. After School Help - Mr. Dorey is available after school on many days for student assistance.  If you would like to come in to work together please let me know; I am always available to help.  Remember, there is a late bus from Sutherland High School at 3:45 each day which makes it easy to stay after school for help.

    6. Homework Club - Homework Club meets several afternoons per week in Room 127 and is an opportunity for students to work on assignments with adults nearby to answer questions as needed.

     Internet Resources

    • Mr. Dorey's Video Library - A number of tutorial videos created by Mr. Dorey are available on our class website.
    • e-mathinstruction Lessons & Videos - a library of Algebra 1 lessons with videos.
    • Khan Academy - Khan Academy is a free website that enables you to practice and master mathematics skills from elementary arithmetic to very advanced mathematics.  Register for a free account and the system will help you track your progress.  Much like a video game you may earn achievements and unlock hidden features.
    • YouTube - YouTube is an excellent place for learning almost anything, mathematics included!  Search for the topic that you're looking for and you'll find a myriad of excellent resources.

    Regents Exam Resources (Algebra 1 Common Core)

    • Algebra 1 (Common Core) Regents Exams - Blank copies of previous Algebra 1 (CC) Regents Examinations along with scoring keys on the New York State Education Department (NYSED) website.
    • MathBits Notebook - This website has excellent lessons including explanations, sample problems and practice opportunities.  (Excellent for Algebra 1)
    • RegentsPrep - This website has an excellent overview of topics with super examples and problems to try that provide instant feedback. 
    • Purple Math - More detailed than the RegentsPrep website, Purple Math provides more depth and additional examples that are useful for students at all levels of proficiency.