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Business Analysis

  • This page is dedicated to 5th Period Business Analysis students.

    Use the files below to access class notes and other useful information.

    Current Event Article Summary Format
    In Microsoft Word, compose an article summary using the following component parts:
    Sentence 1: Provide the title and author/reporter of the article.
    Sentence 2: What was the main topic of the article?
    Sentence 3: Who were the people involved?
    Sentence 4: What was the impact of this news on the business?
    Sentence 5: What was the impact on consumers/customers of the company?
    Sentence 6: Provide any resolution that could potentially take place.
    Sentence 7: What do you believe will be the outcome of the company following this current event?

    Print your article summary when you are finished.  Please make sure your name is on it.

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