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  • As we all are becoming more use to this new learning experience, I want you to be aware of what will be expected each week that will contribute to your pass/fail grade.  Each week I will post a suggested pacing guide of what to do each day.  You do not have to complete all the work for a given day, but I recommend not jumping around because the lessons often build on each other.  Make sure you turn in the assingments in the "Turn In" column.  The other practice problems will not be graded, but I suggest you pracitce them and check the solutions.  The "Turn In" assignments will often be based off of them.  For the "Turn In" assignments I encourage you to use your notes, reference tables, and/or seek help from me, if needed.

    All assignments that are asked to be turned in, except Castle Learning, should be submitted in our Microsoft Team.


    6.1.20 Agenda

    5/25 Agenda

    5.18.20 Agenda

    5.11 Agenda

    weekly agenda 5/4/20

    4/27 Agenda

    4/20 Agenda

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