Sports Marketing & Management

  • Updated: 3/25/20

    First, I am so happy to have an opportunity to reach out to you guys. I know it seems like it has been a little bit but certain discussions and decisions have had to take place before we could reconvene and continue our class enrichment. The good news is…. We’re back! The bad news is that there are no sports on TV right now for us to draw comparisons on. 

    At this point I would like to try and set up a class using Microsoft 365 (Teams). I’m not sure how many of you are failure with this program…. I’m assuming some of you may be more of an expert then I am. Either way, we will figure it out together. 

    Please log into your Microsoft 365 account and click on Teams. You should see a Team created named “Sports”. Once clicking on the Team link you will find links which will connect you to uploaded files. You may have to scroll down when looking for the most recent post.  I will update each week as we progress through the material. As of today, I’m thinking we should progress at a slower rate as to allow students the ability to connect with us and get used to a newer style of learning.  As we get comfortable with Teams, you may post messages or questions that I can reply to. You can always direct questions to my email as well if you feel more comfortable. 

    If you are having issues with the program and need some additional resources to assist you please check out the following links.

    Student Technology Assistance:

    District Help Page (Specific to Microsoft Teams):




    Sports Marketing & Management

    Marketing is a tool that has allowed the United States economy to be one of the most successful in the world.  Sports play an important role in marketing and are integral parts of our modern economy.  Fans and companies spend billions of dollars each year on the sports industry making it one of the largest exports from the United States to the rest of the world.  This course will help students learn basic marketing functions and how those functions are applied to the sports industry.  Computer technology and fantasy sports will be used daily to support and enrich the curriculum.

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