Business Dynamics I

  • Business Dynamics I: 

    This course introduces students to career options based on several self-assesments that we will complete in class. The career selection process will be easier for you once you have determined your interests, abilities, values, personality, aptitudes, and general knowledge of the workplace. 

    Our Business Dynamics classes have a variety of activities to enhance the curriculum. Students will be introduced to local business professionals who have volunteered their time to come in and speak on topics related to resume building and interviewing techniques. In addition, students will have the opportunity to attend our overnight field trip to NY City. Students will tour venues like Madison Square Garden, Macy's, the financial district, the theater district, times square, etc... Many venues will also provide students with a short presentation and Q & A sessions.


    Student Testimonials:

    "This course was really great! It taught me about how business works now and how to find and apply for a job in the future. The NYC trip was great! I was able to apply all the knowledge learned in class to the real world experiences in NYC." - N. Damani

    "A really great class to take! Very interesting concepts to learn and understand and the teachers are always helpful. I recommend this class to any incoming freshman who has an interest in learning about the business world." - J. Gerhold

    "I loved Business Dynamics, its a fun interactive class. I went to NYC an had a great time. Aside from the business attractions, there was time set aside to explore with your group." - R. Facinelli

    "Going into Business Dynamics I, I didn't know what to expect. I thought it was just going to be about proper business techniques. After taking the class I realized that the class was a valuable experience that taught me about different types of business ownership and common workplace issues. I would recommend this class to anyone interested in learning about the business world." - A. Onoff


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