Business Dynamics II


    Business Dynamics II: 

    This course is designed to help students understand and develop the employment skills and knowledge needed to prepare for an exciting career in our rapidly changing business world.  You will explore how to manage your personal finances including budgeting, banking, consumerism, credit and many other consumer skills.

    Our Business Dynamics classes have a variety of activities to enhance the curriculum. Students will be introduced to local business professionals who have volunteered their time to come in and speak on topics related to creating personal budgets, credit responsibility, taxes, etc... Students who are signed up for Business Dynamics II are also welcome to attend the field trip to NY City. Students will tour venues like Madison Square Garden, Macy's, the financial district, the theater district, times square, etc... Many venues will also provide students with a short presentation and Q & A sessions.

    Student Testimonials:  

    "In NYC you visit many different businesses and speak with either the owner or a manager about the day to day operations. Also, the best part is getting time to walk around time square with your friends. You get time to explore and shop on your own. The Business Dynamics trip was the best school trip we have been on." - E. Carroll & S. Provvidenza

    "Business Dynamics II is a very fun class. It's also a super helpful class for the future. The budget project was my favorite because I got a chance to learn how much it cost to be independent. I also learned a lot about taxes. Before this class I knew very little about personal finances and now I feel really confident about my future." - J. Aldred

    "Throughout the Business Dynamics II course I learned many new skills that will help with my future decisions. We learned about taxes, checking & savings accounts, investing and how to budget. I found the class interesting because of its projects and helpful information" - C. Dehn